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Can Cannabis Concentrates Replace Flower?

Smoking a joint has become the stereotypical image of using weed. However, in many cannabis-friendly states, concentrate sales are outpacing traditional trichome-loaded flowers. Survey data shows that the number of weed users trying high-potency extracts is increasing in all legal dc dispensaries markets. Industry leaders also note that consumers are more likely to gravitate to cannabis concentrates the longer weed is legal in their state.

There’s no question that cannabis concentrates have gained a serious market share in 2023. If current trends persist, the concentrates market will likely expand in the future years. So, why are concentrates getting so popular, and are they the right fit for every weed consumer?

What’s Driving The Growth In Cannabis Concentrates? 


Most marijuana market analysts believe there are multiple explanations behind the rise in the current concentrate market. For starters, now that more people have access to legal marijuana, customers are building a higher tolerance for cannabinoids like THC.

Recent data from the University of California found that roughly 6.4% of American adults use marijuana “daily” or “frequently.” Put another way, 1 in 16 Americans over 21 uses cannabis regularly. The more frequently people use THC strains, the faster their bodies will build a tolerance to this cannabinoid. Hence, customers will need higher concentrations of THC in concentrates to feel a noticeable “high.”

Not only are people consuming cannabis more often, the strains they’re using have higher-than-average THC to begin with. Multiple studies confirm that today’s marijuana has far more THC than back in the 1960s. Since most cannabis customers are already starting with ultra-potent flowers, transitioning to concentrates isn’t as big of a shock.

Besides their increased potency, cannabis concentrates often offer cost savings benefits for cannabis fans. Users only need a tiny amount of concentrate to achieve comparable effects to flowers or edibles. Plus, concentrates tend to retain their potency for longer than cannabis flowers. As long as consumers store their cannabis concentrates in a dark, dry, and cool place, they can last for years without significant degradation. Over the long term, concentrates may be the most cost-effective strategy for cannabis consumers.

Lastly, manufacturers have developed numerous new product categories to ramp up supply as demand for concentrates grows. It’s far easier nowadays for cannabis consumers to find high-quality concentrates and equipment and reputable dispensaries. More accessibility to cannabis concentrates and glassware increases the odds that adults will try these extracts.

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